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We were in need of having the bottom of our yacht repainted. After we had it hauled out of the water, it was assessed that we have to have the bottom stripped. The workers at the boat yard started the arduous task of grinding the paint off. As they got into the job, it became clear that there were several layers to go through and this was going to take some time, and money. A friend told me about this company called Advanced Restoration and there soda blasting procedure. As it turns out, they do this on boats. They came out and gave us an estimate that was quite reasonable compared to what we looking at the standard way, in time and dollars. The other beautiful aspect, this procedure has very little chance of damaging the hull of my yacht. The worked with the boatyard, set up a time schedule and had the job underway in no time. I went to watch this and it was unbelievable, they were removing the paint with baking soda, BAKING SODA. They were in and out in less than half the time, the job was clean and professional. I have recommended them to all of my fellow slip-holders as well as my marina.
D Hunt.
San Diego
, CA

I am avid restorer of Model A automobiles. The biggest problem I have is in regards to stripping the paint off of the old parts. I had been sandblasting but in some cases, that was destroying the material. I was searching and came across Advanced Restoration. Troy came out to my property and we and went over the particular parts in question that were giving me the most problems. A week later, he came out with the truck and equipment and set up at the house (1 acre in rural E. County). He had all of the materials for containment and he was able to clean the fenders, some of the minor parts such as bolts and the motor, my god, came out without a spot of paint or grease. All of this in a days time. This saved me weeks in time and me the pain in that my back endures doing the sandblasting. I cannot believe how simple this is and I will be using Troy and advanced restoration for any of this type of work in the future..
T Reynolds
Blossom Valley, CA

In my line of work, having a process that can strip paint and grease is important part of what I do. I had heard of Advanced Restoration Company and decided to give them a shot. I called them up to have them strip one of my classic Corvette bodies. They used their soda blasting method on this vehicle and did an amazing job. They were able to strip this card down to the bare metal in an extremely timely manner and the job was done with the utmost attention to detail. These people really have it together and I definitely plan on using Advanced Restoration Company in the future.


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