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Our new facility is over 5,000 square feet and can accommodate trailerable boats up to 32 feet.
We have one of the state of the art stripping booths that can strip cars,trucks and various parts.

We have a quick turn around.

We are also a mobile paint strip company that is accepted and works in allSouthern Boat Yards to date.
Our company is featured in the November 2008 Sea Magazine for boat bottompaint removal.

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Wild Oats and her Beautiful Keel

"We brought in Sodablast because we wanted surface preparation, not surface removal. This keel is machined to tolerances of a 1/1000th of an inch and any variations could prove critical"

David Sampson - Marine Project Management

One of our favorite projects so far has to go to Wild Oats and the removal of all the paint from her keel. When we were approached to remove the paint from Wild Oats keel prior to the 2006 Sydney Hobart, we couldn't help but feel a bit excited. As lovers of yacht racing and all things boats, we felt just to be close to this beautiful yacht was a privilege. To work on it prior to the prestigeous race was a dream come true!

We arrived early and took approximately 2 hours to take the keel back to the exact same surface the builder left on her prior to the first application of paint. Just look at that beautiful finish!


The keel is machined to tolerances of thousands of an inch and the trailing edge nearly cut off sodablast Managing Directors finger it was so sharp!

Only Sodablast can leave this very work of art so perfectly finished ready for recoating.

We can't help but feel that Sodablast contributed (even if just a tiny bit!) to Wild Oats winning the Sydney Hobart 2006 yacht race.

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Sodabalst has Unique Physical Properties

The cleaning effectiveness of SodaClean Maintenance Plus baking soda is a direct result of its physical properties. These qualities allow the media to be used in a wide variety of applications. The magic of baking soda is due to:

Granulation resulting in a consistent sizing of the cleaning media
Shape is multi sided and leads to an improved cleaning capability
Hardness is such that it will not damage delicate substrates
Friability (easily crumbled) enhances the cleaning process
pH of baking soda media (8.2) greatly reduces any caustic effect
These properties provide the cleaning power of baking soda media:

1. High friability with consistent angular fractures results in smaller, uniformly angular cleaning particles. This feature ensures that all surfaces of a substrate can be cleaned effectively.

2. Baking soda media is very soft (2.4 on Mohs Scale of Hardness) and is a friable cleaning agent. This means that blasting with baking soda is like throwing a snowball at a fence whereas other less friable media (plastic at 3.5 and glass at 4.5 on Mohs Hardness Scale) is like throwing a stone at a fence.

3. Baking soda media imparts a cleaning effect where other abrasives use a hit and cut method to clean or chop away the coating.

4. Baking soda crystals begin at less than 70 microns. At impact, the crystal crumbles and gently imparts the energy into a cleaning mass. Much of this energy is transferred perpendicular to the angle of the blast across the entire structure. The result is a clean surface.

5. Easily removes carbon, grease, oils, gasket material, surface corrosion, paint and coatings from a variety of alloys, plastics and composites without substrate damage or distortion, and leaves hard anodized coatings intact.

6. Reduces cycle time by cleaning, de-greasing, de-painting all in one step. Unlike glass beads or plastic media, baking soda requires no pre-wash and its water solubility allows for complete rinsing, eliminating the risk of spent media lodging in tight spaces or critical passageways.

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