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Clean FDA/USDA inspected areas

 Blasting grade sodium bicarbonate is food grade

Clean carbon buildup from baking trays

 Will not cause damage to substrate

Clean areas where residual contamination cannot be tolerated.

 Sodium bicarbonate is 100% water soluble for easy clean up

Clean grease, oil, process residue or paint from rotating equipment

 Cleaning can be done without paint removal. Sodium bicarbonate will  not harm bearings, seals and packing. Some equipment can be cleaned  while in operation.

Clean grease, oil or process residue from tanks, hoppers, vats or tote bins.

 Sodium bicarbonate is 100% water soluble and food grade eliminating  clean up concerns

Removes grease and fats in packing plant equipment and work areas

 Will not harm substrate. 100% solubility and food grade media  eliminates residue concerns.

Cleans ceramic tile, mildew from grouting

  Will not damage tile or grouting

Cleans ventilation systems

  Will not harm bearings, fan blades, housings and ducting


Remove dirt, oil, grease, process residue and paint from rotating equipment

 Can accomplish cleaning without paint removal. Sodium bicarbonate will  not harm bearings, packings or seals. Some equipment can be blasted  while in operation.

Remove dirt ,oil, grease and overspray from aluminum jacketing protection insulation

 Will not remove metal or disfigure jacketing

Clean cooling towers

 No need to drain or seal off cooling tower water. Sodium bicarbonate will  dissolve in water

Remove dirt, oil , grease and paint from galvanized steel

  Will not remove galvanize

Remove paint over spray from glass, sight gauges

 Will not scratch or break glass. Sodium bicarbonate polishes glass

Use in hazardous areas

 Sodium bicarbonate will not cause thermal sparks when striking the  workplace.

Inspect weld seams

 Sodium bicarbonate blasting will not cause crack closure.

Remove dirt, oil, grease and carbon deposits from ceramic surfaces including insulators

 Sodium bicarbonate will not damage ceramic

Clean aluminum and stainless steel hoppers

 Sodium bicarbonate will not damage substrate. 100% water solubility  eliminates concern about residue

Remove dirt, grease, oil process build-up, residue or paint from tank interiors

 Sodium bicarbonate is non-hazardous to workers, even in confined areas.  Solubility of media allows for easy cleanup.

Clean heat exchangers

 Soda blasting allows cleaning of hard to reach areas. Will not harm  gaskets.

Speed up maintenance turnarounds; avoid shutdowns

 Other work processes can take place in area while soda blasting is being  used.

Clean remote areas

 Westmin equipment is portable and allows for user to clean equipment in  place.

Replace hand-cleaning and hand tooling

 Soda blasting is faster, reducing manual labor

Clean TEFC-rated motors

 The cleaning process will not harm seals and bearings

Clean area with rubber gaskets

 The cleaning process will not harm rubber

Remove ink buildup on printing press rollers

 Will not damage rollers or bearings

Remove tar buildup on asphalt shingle processing equipment

 Will not harm bearings or rollers


·Sodaclean “Maintenance Plus” is  G.R.A.S. and a specially formulated and  processed Sodium Bicarbonate ( Baking Soda).
Sodaclean “Maintenance Plus” is USDA/FDA and Kosher approved.
Environmentally Safe
Non-Abrasive… won’t damage equipment.
Cleans up quickly – water soluble
Cleaning with Sodaclean fits into your HACCP/SSOP plan for prope
r sanitation of equipment
Sodaclean “Maintenance Plus” prevents :
Product recalls
Unfavorable EIR
Bacteria Growth
Sodaclean “Maintenance Plus” is a safe and Non-Toxic substance and can be used with out concern in a food processing area. 

Advanced Restoration can help with your sanitation program we have mobile units that can travel to you or bring it to our location. 

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