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"Sodablast successfully removed two layers of paint from sandstone on a Heritage building in a fraction of the time of other methods. The finish was beyond our expectations and I highly recommend them." - Nigel Palmer, Parkzip Construction, Fitout & Refurbishment

Is the perfect preparation prior to rendering old walls
Is pretty much the only way to remove paint and dirt from sandstone.
Will remove paint, oil, grease, graffiti and other contaminants from most surfaces
Is water soluble and kind to the environment
Is mobile and can access hard to reach places
Requires virtually no preparation or clean up

When preparing walls for painting or rendering Sodablast is the ideal solution. It quickly removes all paint and contaminates from the mortar and in the grain of the bricks, leaving the surface looking brand new. Preparation is minimal and there is virtually no clean up besides a quick rinse.

"Sodablast removed the paint from a wall to be rendered so quickly it was unbelievable. We now use them regularly for paint removal from a variety of surfaces and there was no clean up!" - Mal Butterfield, Talon Projects

Painted brickwork is stripped back to the original brickwork quickly and effortlessly. Sodablast can also be used on softer masonry such as limestone and marble as used in monuments and other architecture.
Car parks that have oil and grease spills or graffiti are no match for the Sodablast technique. By adding water, the soda media reacts and turns into a soap and easily removes grease and oil breaking it down in the process. This method is much more effective than jet washing, even if a detergent is added. Surfaces such as PVC, aluminium and fibreglass also react well to Sodablast and are not damaged at all in the process.

Sodablast saves hours of manual labor and will leave a better finish. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and has no effect on the health of operators or bystanders. In most cases, a rinse with water will completely remove all traces of the baking soda.

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