Soda-blasting offers two major advantages over sand
or bead blasting, it is far gentler and it's water soluble

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    Sodablast is an amazing, patented cleaning and depainting technology

Sodablast is cost efficient, versatile and mobile

Sodablast is safe and uses baking soda, yes, food grade baking soda as a blast media

Sodablast leaves a quality ‘ready to paint’ finish and can be used in many industries with no ill effect to the user or to the environment

Sodablast is quick and requires little preparation time due to its non-destructive nature

Sodablast saves you money

You provide the project, we provide you with a first class Sodablast service!


How Can Sodablast Be Useful To Me?

Marine, civil works, building renovation and maintenance, the list of applications for Sodablast is long. Click on an application button and you will see several different industry sectors that are currently using Sodablast. Please explore and of course, feel free to call us at 858 650-3300 with your questions.

Click Here for a list of All Applications

Advanced Restoration Company feels that our customers deserve the best product available
on the market to clean, strip and restore their parts and equipment. We only use the highest
FDA/USDA approved baking soda product called SodaClean Maintenance Plus which will
insure the highest quality finish to the job when completed.


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